What is RLI?

Shining Waters Division
Districts 6330, 7010, 7070, 7080 and 7090

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Rotary cannot rise above the quality of our club leadership. The future of Rotary and the service we give to our community locally and internationally depends on strong club leadership.

The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is a series of fast-paced, interactive, one-day courses offered to refine a Rotarian’s leadership skills and increase their base of knowledge in Rotary. Courses are fun, topical, interactive, and geared toward busy business, professional and community leaders who want to be more effective leaders in their vocation and Rotary club and more knowledgeable Rotarians.

Rotary Clubs are encouraged to select at least two candidates for RLI annually. Students return to their club with enthusiasm, new contacts, fresh ideas, an increased understanding of their potential as Rotarians, and valuable skills impacting their potential leadership in the club.

The Rotary Leadership Institute is a grassroots-training program that began in New Jersey in 1992 by club Rotarians. Its purpose is to help future club leaders prepare for their club and community leadership role through a quality training and educational experience. The RLI has spread to more than 200 districts in numerous countries because local clubs recognize the importance of training future leaders.

The Rotary Leadership Institute is an unofficial affiliate of Rotary International, but not an official program of RI nor under its control.
District 7070 joined RLI in 2009 as the first member in the new Shining Waters Division, Ontario, upper New York State and Eastern Michigan, followed shortly thereafter with District 7090, 7080 and 6330. District 7010 joined the division in 2011 expanding further into northeast Ontario.

Membership growth is dependent on the quality of Rotary clubs, as clubs with good leadership are more likely to involve their members in exciting service activities and programs and, consequently, to retain their members and attract new ones.

For information on RLI courses:

For courses in District 6330:
PDG Diane Chantler

For courses in District 7010:
Lynda Rickard

For courses in District 7070 contact:
Susan Hunter

For courses in District 7080:
Adrian DeCoo

For courses in District 7090:
Glen Christensen



Shining Waters RLI Division Chair:
PDG Patsy Marshall